How to update PHP version on Godaddy?

Steps as follows: 1. Go to your Godaddy account 2. At the top-left corner, you may see HOME. Click o it and choose 'WordPress and Hosting' 3. Now click on the domain name 4. You see right side it's saying SERVER, click on it. 5. Change PHP version 6. Write ...

Klever set-up with TRONCASE, step by step

Klever Set-up | Troncase Set-up 1st Step Download Klever App Go to your PlayStore/AppleStore & Download (Kelver App) Use referral code 4BQLT3 Purchase TRON 2nd Step Purchase "SMART-CONTRACT" (Earn up to 300% interest daily) Copy this link ( ) Baseball (icon left of the center icon on KLEVER app) ...

10 steps to earn 1000$ a month in a passive way.

Selling digital products online is one of the most effective ways to create a passiveincome, give yourself more flexibility, and start building real wealth. Here’s astrategic ten-step plan gives you direction as you embark on this journey foryourself! Decide on a topic to focus your business ...