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I became interested in website design & development as a student at the University of Dhaka, where I was pursuing a Hon's in English Literature, and set about teaching myself the basics. Website design quickly became a passion for me.

Curious what my clients and colleagues have to say about working with me? Read their first-hand thoughts and experiences on doing business with me.

I believe that independent businesses deserve a professionally-made website without breaking the bank. To this end, I built my business philosophy on 4 key principles, and aim to deliver on them in all my projects and business relationships.


Welcome to the heart of WEBKIH, where the story of our digital journey unfolds through the lens of our founder, Jubayer Hossain.

As the architect of WEBKIH, Jubayer’s passion for web development was ignited during his academic pursuit of English Literature at the University of Dhaka. Over a transformative two-year period, he not only navigated the nuances of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript & jQuery programming but also mastered the art of WordPress custom theming.

Before laying the foundation for WEBKIH, Jubayer spent six dynamic months in the realm of marketing communications, serving as a virtual assistant in the IT sector. This experience not only broadened his understanding of the industry but also fueled his determination to create a digital space that seamlessly combines literary finesse with technological prowess.

Beyond his role as a professional web developer, Jubayer’s creative spectrum encompasses graphic design & digital publishing, editing, social media management, event coordination, and virtual assistance. His dedication to delivering exceptional digital experiences is reflected in WEBKIH’s diverse clientele, which spans political campaigns, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, independent professionals, community organizations, and larger agencies seeking outsourcing for their web projects.

Jubayer’s commitment extends beyond the digital realm; he is an active participant in Bangladesh’s tech and freelancing communities, contributing as a panelist and presenter at conferences and events. Moreover, he takes pride in supporting a volunteer-driven cross-Bangladesh non-profit initiative. This initiative focuses on empowering youth with applied programming and technical skills while concurrently addressing the needs of underprivileged families in Bangladesh to combat poverty.

As you delve into the “Our Founder” page, you’ll gain insight into the visionary behind WEBKIH, exploring the convergence of literature, technology, and social impact that defines Jubayer’s approach to digital innovation.

Embark on this journey to uncover the inspiration, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped our founder and WEBKIH. Your exploration of this page is an invitation to connect with the driving force behind the vision, as we continue to weave stories through code and design at WEBKIH.

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