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WEBKIH, a prominent web design and development company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2019, ensures unparalleled hosting services through its collaboration with Namecheap. Specializing in custom website design, WEBKIH is committed to delivering top-tier hosting solutions, fortified by the reliability of WP Engine servers and the affordability of Namecheap hosting facilities.

In the realm of hosting, security, performance, and control are paramount. At WEBKIH, we prioritize these aspects, mirroring the quality assurance provided by WP Engine servers. Our affiliation with Namecheap further enhances the robustness of our hosting infrastructure, aligning seamlessly with the needs of small to medium-sized, locally-owned businesses.

Much like a well-crafted novel, WEBKIH weaves together the elements of Production, Staging, and Development environments to provide a secure and dynamic hosting experience. These environments ensure the smooth operation of your website, whether in production or undergoing updates in the staging and development phases. It’s a testament to our dedication to delivering hosting services that evolve with the unique requirements of each client.

Daily backups are integral to our hosting packages, ensuring that your data is safeguarded against unexpected incidents. This proactive approach aligns with our mission to provide reliability and reassurance to our clients, contributing to the success of locally-owned businesses in the digital landscape.

Additionally, our hosting packages include a complimentary SSL certificate with every account. This not only enhances the security of your website but also aligns with our commitment to improving search engine rankings. By choosing WEBKIH, you fortify your website against potential threats and enhance its visibility in search engine results, contributing to the digital success of local businesses.

In collaboration with Namecheap, WEBKIH stands as a beacon in the realm of hosting services, providing an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our hosting services, much like our custom website designs, create a foundation for your digital journey that is as robust and reliable as the characters in a classic literature piece. Choose WEBKIH for hosting services that prioritize security, performance, and affordability, tailored to the unique needs of small to medium-sized, locally-owned businesses.

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