Selling digital products online is one of the most effective ways to create a passive
income, give yourself more flexibility, and start building real wealth. Here’s a
strategic ten-step plan gives you direction as you embark on this journey for

      1. Decide on a topic to focus your business around. Pick something you’re at
        least fairly knowledgeable about already, interested in, and willing to stay
        focused on the long-term.
      2. Work on learning as much about this topic as you can. Look for
        opportunities to put your knowledge into practice.
      3. Start a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel to share your journey,
        expertise, and discoveries as you build your business.

    1. Join networking groups and online forums to involve yourself in the
      industry. Work on building relationships.
    2. Find opportunities to work with a few clients for free to get experience,
      build a portfolio, and earn testimonials.
    3. Create high-quality, interesting, unique content and share it online.


  1. Accelerate your audience growth by collaborating with good people who
    are doing awesome things.
  2. Ask your audience what they want and what challenges they’re facing.
  3. Create a digital product that solves one of their biggest challenges and
    gets them the results they’re looking for.
  4. Plan and execute a strategic launch that generates exposure, builds
    momentum, and drives sales.



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